Write the Letter

I was blessed to have a pen-pal from my childhood.  Probably around 6th grade I started writing to my new friend in Alabama.  We were paired off as pen-pals after being a part of The Sandi Patti Friendship Company.  My pen-pal, Tressa, and I share the same birthdays and faith.  It was a match madeContinue reading “Write the Letter”

The Lock That Would Not Open

The other day my son Daniel came to me with a funny problem while he was cleaning up his room.  He came across a lock but realized he forgot the combination.   How would he ever open it?  He tried whatever  numbers he could think of.  I then gave him a few of my own. Continue reading “The Lock That Would Not Open”

Fix Your Eyes On Jesus

‘Tis the season for getting married, right?  Some very dear people in my life have gotten married recently. Oh the beauty, the music, the pictures and videos of lovely dresses, perfect tuxedos, and the joy that is felt on such a special day!  But nothing is more endearing than the look that the bride andContinue reading “Fix Your Eyes On Jesus”

I Still Believe In The Name of Jesus

I still believe in the precious, holy, awesome, excellent, matchless Name of Jesus!  His Name is higher than any other.  There are so many names out there that cause a flurry of emotional responses.  Words like COVID, cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, terrorism, crime, gun violence, anxiety disorders, death, car accidents, sex trafficking,Continue reading “I Still Believe In The Name of Jesus”