Connection Circles

I have noticed a greater need for Christians to talk about their faith with one another.  With this pandemic stealing so much of our fellowship opportunities, I felt a burden to find a way for brothers and sisters in Christ to start making closer connections with each other.  That’s when I believe the Lord gaveContinue reading “Connection Circles”

Thematic Staycations

There are wonderful ways you can achieve rest and refreshment without breaking your wallet.  Create your very own thematic staycation!  What do I mean by a thematic staycation?  It’s a themed way of doing a vacation from home or at least with some local appeal.  Here are some ideas to get you started.  I’m confidentContinue reading “Thematic Staycations”

Attendance Matters

I have wondered if people went to school and work like they went to church, would the student still be promoted to the next grade?  Would the worker still have a job?  Attendance is a big deal in our day to day activities.  Schools have an attendance office.  My son, Daniel received awards in elementaryContinue reading “Attendance Matters”

A Mother’s Reflection

Does a son learn from his mother?  Yes.  Does a mother learn from her son?  Most definitely.  Our family is rejoicing over the news of my son Michael’s position as Valedictorian.  His weighted GPA is 103.79 and he is ranked #1 out of 447 students.  I say this to exalt the Name of Christ.  TheContinue reading “A Mother’s Reflection”

The Lock That Would Not Open

The other day my son Daniel came to me with a funny problem while he was cleaning up his room.  He came across a lock but realized he forgot the combination.   How would he ever open it?  He tried whatever  numbers he could think of.  I then gave him a few of my own. Continue reading “The Lock That Would Not Open”

How Big Is Your Bowl?

I had taken my plastic bowl to the backyard to pick whatever I could find growing from the garden.  I was sure to find some blackberries and tomatoes at least.  They have been coming in for a while now.  But as I picked and picked the fresh produce, I realized I should have brought outContinue reading “How Big Is Your Bowl?”

Fix Your Eyes On Jesus

‘Tis the season for getting married, right?  Some very dear people in my life have gotten married recently. Oh the beauty, the music, the pictures and videos of lovely dresses, perfect tuxedos, and the joy that is felt on such a special day!  But nothing is more endearing than the look that the bride andContinue reading “Fix Your Eyes On Jesus”

Lavender Loveliness

Last summer we went to visit Lavender Fields and it only sparked my love for lavender even more.  I love all sorts of colors but I find myself falling for the pastels.  Pretty pink and baby blue with a hint of white…oh so nice.  But taken together and you get a treat for the eyes…lavender. Continue reading “Lavender Loveliness”

Flowers That Will Last

I think April is such a pretty month.  I have a special tree outside my bedroom window that always takes my breath away.  I’m pretty sure it is a Pink Weeping Cherry Tree.  After being barren during the long, dark days of winter, this lovely tree begins to turn pink for what seems to neverContinue reading “Flowers That Will Last”

Creative Prayers to Pray Throughout Your Day

I was waiting for water to boil so I could cook.  I was staring at my stainless steel pot just waiting for those big bubbles to start bubbling forth.  It became a reminder to me of how we long for the Lord to overflow us with His presence.  We want to be set ablaze forContinue reading “Creative Prayers to Pray Throughout Your Day”