A Mother’s Reflection

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Does a son learn from his mother?  Yes.  Does a mother learn from her son?  Most definitely.  Our family is rejoicing over the news of my son Michael’s position as Valedictorian.  His weighted GPA is 103.79 and he is ranked #1 out of 447 students.  I say this to exalt the Name of Christ.  The Lord has granted favor and wisdom and we give God the Highest Praise.  This is part of our growing testimony as a family that faced many challenges.  By the grace of God, we stand.

In Middle School, Michael had given a graduation speech as President of National Junior Honor Society.  He used that opportunity to glorify Christ.  Heaven took notice.  The principal at that time told me he was ranked #3.  I remember sitting with his guidance counselor who inquired if Michael was looking to be Valedictorian.  The wheels in my mind began to turn.  Sometime later a different guidance counselor was asking if Michael was looking to be Valedictorian.  This topic would come up again and again.  I pondered all these good things in my heart like Mary and wondered and prayed.  We prayed.  Michael prayed.

Michael becoming Valedictorian was not a last minute after thought.  It was a culmination of choices wrapped up in God’s extraordinary mercy.  Being a PK (Preacher’s Kid) is not the easiest especially if you’re a teenager.  I empathize with the stresses that a life of ministry can bring to a kid, but Michael will agree that there’s nothing sweeter than knowing Jesus.  There are so many pressures that young people face, but Michael set His face on the Lord.  He would not compromise with his peers.  He would not cheat when others had.  Just the other day he spoke up when someone was being bullied at school.  He would live holy for the King.  He honored the Lord and God brought about this victory in his life.  

What were some of the choices Michael made over the years?  As his Mom, I notice what they were and I applaud his choices.  He is more than his GPA or his rank.  Michael is a young man of character and I notice some deliberate choices he made…

-To study instead of watching extra TV

-To pray and read the Bible daily

-To boldly preach the gospel in a public school! (He is president of Frontline Christian Club)

-To lead a balanced life of healthy eating, exercise, hobbies and more

-To participate in family quiet times with his mother and brother

-To stay out of extra-curricular activities that would mess up his time to be in church (He had to say no to nonessentials to make sure there was time for what truly mattered)

-To wake up early to study

-To stay up late to study

-To consistently come to church

-To use his gifts for the glory of God

-To play his alto saxophone and the drums to His King

-To cook for his family out of love (yes, he is a great cook!)

Michael is the boy who was standing by his school’s flagpole just days ago with a handful of other courageous young teenagers praying for their community, their nation and their school for a half hour while the rest of the students just walked into school ignoring them.  God truly honors those who honor him!  I see this in the life of Michael.

Michael’s choices have been a mixture of discipline and determination.  Discipline and Determination.  I like that.  Sounds like the qualities disciples of Jesus need to have.  The journey to Michael becoming Hicksville High School’s Valedictorian was a culmination of choices driven by discipline and determination.  Let’s be inspired by it and grow.

What areas of our life can we show more discipline?

What areas of our life can we show more determination?

Let’s say goodbye to making excuses, laziness, procrastinating, complaining, and anything else that would hinder genuine growth in our lives.  God created each of us to do excellent things.  We serve an excellent God, so shouldn’t His children be excellent too?  

“I praise You Lord Jesus that You are the Most Excellent of All!  I bow before Your Excellency.  Thank You Lord for all that I can learn from the children you have blessed me with.  May we grow and become more and more like you.  Touch us with Your Holy Spirit and let us function with a spirit of excellence.  Blessed Be Your Majestic Name forever.  In Jesus’ Name…Amen.”

Michael is one out of 447 students according to grades, but in my heart, he’ll always be one in a million!  Congratulations Michael!

Love and Prayers,

Michael’s Mommy

3 thoughts on “A Mother’s Reflection

  1. Wow! Congratulations to Michael. The blessings of the Lord will continue to be upon Michael in all his endeavors. Besides, congratulations are also in order to his faithful, consistent mother who has always been a true example for him and his brother. God best to this family unit. Love you all.


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