Parents And Youth Ministry

Photo by Phinehas Adams

Dear Family and Friends,

I have had a passion for youth ministry ever since I was young enough to be in it!  There is nothing sweeter or more precious than seeing young people on fire for Jesus.  This is my heart’s cry.  Many young people turning to the Lord at a tender age, while their whole life is still ahead of them, is what I desperately long to see!  So much good can come from real decisions made for Jesus Christ at a young age.  At the heart of any vibrant youth ministry are parents who are praying for their children and raising them to stand for Christ.  

Do you have a child?

Do you long to see that child truly be sold out for Christ?

God wants your child.  But He also wants YOU.  Yes, God is looking for parents who will serve Him!

Real youth ministry begins not with the young people, but with the parents.

I am asking all parents in particular to please join me this Sunday morning at 10:15am for my church’s Worship Conference Call.  Dial 339-209-5096.  As I conclude my sermon series on “What Will You Do Behind Closed Doors?” there is something very special I want to speak to the congregation about…particularly all the parents.  How parents respond to the Word of God will affect their own young people and essentially the future of His Church.  

Will you join me?  Will you partner with me?  I pray you will.  

I pray that you will see we are living in such evil times. There is no other way to move forward unless we are moving with Christ in our lives and in our homes.  I pray in Jesus’ Name that youth ministry would be awakened and refreshed and revived as never before.  I pray in Jesus’ Name that parents would surrender their lives to the Lord and would take responsibility over their own kids before it is too late.  

We can’t afford to lose any more young people to the world and to the Devil.

“Holy Spirit, please do what only YOU can do in the life of every parent and young person…”

Praying for Parents and for Youth Ministry,

Pastor Sharon

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