Connection Circles

Image by Pastor Sharon Samuel-Varghese

I have noticed a greater need for Christians to talk about their faith with one another.  With this pandemic stealing so much of our fellowship opportunities, I felt a burden to find a way for brothers and sisters in Christ to start making closer connections with each other.  That’s when I believe the Lord gave me the idea of “Connection Circles” (CC).  Following our Holy Communion Service, we break out into Connection Circles.  What is this?  Each circle may consist of anywhere between 3-7 people.  As people walk in, they are given a colored index card which is used to write out a prayer need and to pray for each other during a time of Intercessory Prayer.  When it is time for CC, people group up according to the color of their index cards.  Each CC has its own moderator to help facilitate discussion.  Anyway, during Connection Circles, the people are posed with a question stemming from the day’s sermon.  This allows everyone to grapple more deeply with what they just learned and to edify one another in the process.  The Connection Circles can last about 10-15 minutes in length.

In our most recent Connection Circles, I’ve added “goodie bags” as a fun take away from our times together.  Why do we have to wait for a birthday party to receive a goodie bag?  Haven’t we been in the house of God to celebrate the King of Kings?  One time our goodie bag had candy in it with a handwritten note by me.  Another week the goodie bag had a health theme and the bag consisted of a fruit, a granola bar, a green tea bag, a mint and a letter to each recipient summarizing the message.  In our most recent service, I spoke on “Live Rich” based off of Luke 12:13-21.  You can catch this sermon on  I placed $5 in each empty lunch bag.  The lunch bags with money were distributed at the beginning of Connection Circles and everyone was told to look inside at the same time revealing the interesting find.  What was the new week’s challenge?  To find a way to bless the Kingdom of God using $5.  Each person was given the opportunity to do something wonderfully creative and good with this money.  I am hopeful for a lot of good that will be done.  How many lives will be exposed to the gospel because of this new challenge?  Heaven will reveal all.

It’s wonderful to see friendships deepen as we share weekly in our Connection Circles.  This is a lot more refreshing than people walking out of the sanctuary, speeding through the door.  I highly recommend using Connection Circles as a great way to review the sermon, increase spiritual conversations and strengthen relationships with God and among believers.  By making Connection Circles a part of the regular Sunday Worship Service, we promote the expectation that everyone is to be involved.  This is not an optional part of the service, no more than singing and praying are.  Everyone is expected to participate.  Just as singing, prayer, listening to the Word, tithes and offering and communion are a part of our weekly routine, incorporating Connection Circles allows people to truly connect and to start to feel like they belong.  What’s more is that CC provides an incentive to listen well to the message and find a way to respond to each week’s question.  May the Holy Spirit continue to unite our hearts in unbroken fellowship. 

Want to join one of our Connection Circles?  Just join us on Sunday.  A Connection Circle is waiting for you.  All are welcome.      

One thought on “Connection Circles

  1. Hello: This is such a smart and creative means for us to be connected or reconnected. It appears that we have lost so much. Continue to allow the Lord to use you for His glory.


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