Seven Days To Memorizing Scripture

Psalm 55:22 says, “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall.”  

Isn’t this a powerful verse to know? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to master one memory verse every week?  That would be fifty-two verses in a year!  Over a lifetime, that would be a treasure of Scripture in your head and heart.  I want to encourage us to walk through “Seven Days to Memorizing Scripture” throughout this year!  Here’s a simple format to follow through each day of the week…

Sundays:  Select your Scripture

What passage in the Bible do you want to memorize?  Was there something you heard in the sermon or something you have been reading in your own quiet time that has moved you?  Select it on Sunday!

Mondays:  Memorize your Scripture

Try your best to commit the Scripture to memory.  This is your day to focus on all the words and their order.   Work on its mastery.  Be sure you know where the Scripture comes from.  

Tuesdays:  Talk about your Scripture

​Practice saying the Scripture aloud as many times as you can.  Read it aloud.  Read it in your family quiet time.  Have other members of your family read it too! It’s good to listen to the Word being read. You could discuss, “What does this verse mean to us?”  Hear yourself saying the verse throughout the day.  

Wednesdays:  Write the Scripture

Write the Scripture passage in your journal.  You could also write it on an index card and display it in a prominent place.  Can you write the Scripture without looking?  If you can’t, fear not.  The week is not over yet.  Whatever you have been able to memorize so far is definitely worth celebrating.  

Thursdays:  Think about the Scripture some more

Here we spend time meditating on the verse.  Think about the Scripture thoughtfully.  Break it down slowly.  Do you understand what each word means?  What phrases touch you, move you, challenge you, inspire you?  What images come to mind when you think on this verse?  Write them or draw them out in your journal.  Catch yourself repeating the phrases of each verse during chores, routines and even as you drift off to sleep.  

Fridays:  Find ways to pray the Scripture

Can you turn the memory verse into a personal prayer?  Pray it!  Add the Word of God to your praying and you add  power to your prayer life!

Saturdays:  Say it!  Sing it!  Shout it!

By now, this verse is yours.  Maybe you can find a person to share your verse with.  Is there a song that matches the theme of the verse that you can sing?  Is there a moment of praise you will offer up to the Lord in confidence now that this verse is a part of your working vocabulary?  The power of God’s Word so easily flowing from your mouth is sure to get the Devil fleeing.  Remember how the Devil fled after Jesus quoted Scripture in the Wilderness. (Check out Matthew 4:1-11). We have the victory!

Repeat this system throughout the year!  Watch how we grow together.

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